Friday, 27 May 2011

Gujarati Politicians & Mahatma Gandhi.

Mawlana Hanif Luharvi (hafidhahullah):
Some months back I was blessed with the company of Mawlana Hanif Luharvi, Shaykh al Hadith of Jami’a Qasimiyya, Kharod, Gujarat. We were traveling in a car to Surat where Hadrat was going to solemnize a nikah. In Surat city, we passed by a statue of an Indian freedom fighter on a steed.

Hadrat saw the statue and then said, “I will tell you a joke. Once a man went to sleep beneath a statue of Mahatma Gandhi. That night, Gandhi appeared in a dream to him and said, “Every freedom fighter worth his salt is shown riding a steed except me. They put a stick in my hand. I want a horse of my own. Tomorrow, kindly bring me a horse.”

When the person woke up, he wondered what to do. Finally he decided to go to a local politician in the area and put the matter in his hand. The politician however refused to believe the dream. After a long argument, he said, “OK! I will also sleep with you beneath the statue today. If Gandhi comes in my dream and says the same thing then I will arrange for a horse for him.”

That night the Mahatma came back in the dream of the first man and he was furious. He said, “I asked you to fetch a horse for me. From where have you brought this ass?”

Wa salamu ‘alaykum.

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  1. "I asked you to fetch a horse for me. From where have you brought this ass"

    Very good joke, a practical one.