Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Lessons in Shirk: The Salat al Ghauthiyya.

Al Salamu 'Alaykum.

There are certain people who are very fond of an invented form of Salah (Namaz) called the Salat al Ghauthiyya or the Salat al Asrar.

Some salient points about this "Salah" are as follows:

It is specially offered in the month of Rabi' al Aakhir, probably because its proponents celebrate the 'Urs of Shaykh 'Abdil Qadir Gilani in this month. According to them, the prayer can be offered in other months as well.

According to them if one needs help and solutions for his problems then he should perform this 'prayer'.

The method is as follows:

After the Fard and Sunna of Maghrib, one is supposed to offer two rakahs of prayer.

In each rakah, after Sura Fatiha, the person is supposed to read Sura Ikhlas eleven times.

After Sura Ikhlas the person is supposed to read the following "dua":

<Ya Rasoola Allah hi Ya Nabi Allah hi Aghisni wa Amdidni Fi Qadi ai Hajati Ya Qadi al Hajaat>

After reading the above supplication to the Prophet (saws), the person is supposed to take eleven steps towards Iraq.

On every step, the person is supposed to supplicate to Shaykh 'Abdil Qadir Gilani in the following words:

<Ya Ghaus Saqalaini Ya Kareem-at-Tarfaini Aghisni was amdidni fi Qada-e-Hajati Ya Qaadi al Hajaat>

After this the person is supposed to make dua' using the wasila of Rasulullah (saws). The proponents of this prayer say that all needs will then be fulfilled.

May Allah guide all Muslims to Tawhid and Sunna and save them from Shirk and Bida'.

'Alaykum salam.


  1. You thick wahaabie kharjees. The salaat itself is performed as 2 rakat namaz nafl and is ibadaat of Allah only. Because it is prescribed by the great saint huzoor ghous al azam peera ne peer shiakh saye abdul qadir jilan (R.A) it is called salaatul ghousia. The rest is a waseela of the holy prophet sallalahu alaihi wasallam and huzoor ghous al azam and waseela is proven through quran and hadees and the amaal of sahaaba ikram and saliheen. Everything is Shirk to you isnt it. Keep your SHAITAAN KE TAUHEED to yourselves. Like ala hazrat imam ahmed raza khan (r.a) said Tazeem jisme tehre Shirk,us burre mazhab pe laanat kijye Whiach means IN WHICH RESPECT IS REGARDED AS SHIRK,CURSE THAT BAD RELIGION i.e wahhabi madhab, kharjee etc.

    1. In which Salah did you learn to walk 11 steps towards Iraq, you idiot?

    2. Brother Abu_Tamim after salah, u need to take 11 steps but not in salah, get correct urself first, at least do good research on the topic u posted,as u people never hesitate in criticizing anyone, always at the back of shirk and bida'h, may allah tala guide u on right path....if u open ur mouth nothing but shirk and bida'h

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