Friday, 2 September 2011

Dynamic Da'wah.


Mohammad Sohail, Coolest Guy in America, Turns Robber Away from Life of Crime

"When I see him starting crying [those] things, I really feel bad for him," he told CNN. "I say, oh man, this is something different."
Sohail made the man pledge to never rob again, then gave him $40 and a loaf of bread. The man responded by saying he wanted to be Muslim like Sohail, so the store owner said the Islamic oath and gave the bad guy the name Nawaz Sharif Zardari.
But our robbery was a bit slow in converting. While Sohail went to get him some milk, the bad guy bolted the store.
Still, Sohail refused to press charges. And when others heard of his kindness, they began to send him money. But instead of keeping it for himself, he decided to give it "to the people" by offering free bagels, rolls and coffee every night.
Did we mention he's the coolest guy in America?
Now it seems his generosity is paying off.
This week he received a letter containing $50 and a note, with no return address. It reads:
"You change My Life... At the time I had No money No food on my table No Job, and nothing for my family. I know that it was wrong, but I had know choice. I needed to feed My family. When You had That gun to my head I was 100% that I was going to die." But Sohail inspired him to become a "True Muslim."

"I'm very happy that somebody got to change his life," Sohail tells CNN. "If he is a maybe criminal, maybe is not anymore. So now he is a good person in this community and I'm very glad for that. He's staying out of trouble, he's not in a jail, he's taking care of his family."

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