Tuesday, 21 February 2012

No Qadiani Nikahs By Muslim Qadis.

Al Salamu `Alaykum.

Don’t Perform Qadiani Nikahs: AP Waqf Board to Qadis.

The Andhra Pradesh Wakf Board took a series of unprecedented decisions yesterday (February 18). Probably first time in its history, the state Wakf board has asked the Qazi in Andhra Pradesh, not to perform Nikaah of those belonging to Ahmadiyya community because they are “not Muslims.”
Besides the matrimonial boycott of Ahmadiyya community, the state wakf board has also suspended religious properties belonging to the community from its list of wakf properties.
The state wakf board chairman Syed Shah Ghulam Afzal Biyabani announced on February 18, that “the four properties belonging to Ahmadiyya sect were registered with the Wakf Board. Since Qadiyanis (Ahmadiyyas) are not Muslims, the board has decided to remove them from the list of Wakf properties.”
The wakf board chairman has also ordered a comprehensive state-wide survey to identify the properties belonging to Muslims which are presently under the control of Qadayanis. The board has also identified about 45 places of worship of Qadayanis in the State which are not registered with the board.
The board would hand over all those religious institutions to the state government and will request them to manage the institutions under the endowments department.
The properties suspended from teh state wakf list include Ahmedi Jubilee Hall at Afzalgunj, Anwar Manzil and Baitul Irshad at Barkatpura area, and Masjid Chinna Kunta in Mahabubnagar district.
Ahmadiyyas is an 'Islamic' religious revivalist movement founded near the end of the 19th century, originating with the life and teachings of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad at Qadian in Punjab. Muslims across the world regard Ahmadiyyas who are also called as Qadiyanis, as any thing but Muslims. So there is an undercurrent of religious tension between the two groups.
The recent spate of confrontation between Ahmadiyyas and the Muslim community started when the major Urdu news papers in the Hyderabad started reporting that 400 year old Qutub Shahi Mosque behind Falaknuma Railway Station, which was built in 1614 by the sixth Qutub Shahi king Abdullah Qutub Shah, has been taken over by the Ahmadiyya community.
The mosque was registered with the Wakf Board under number 13 (S) Wards No. 18. Its total area is 217/218 Sq. Yards, and its entry can be found in Gazette 22-A, under serial No. 993, dated: 07-06-1984.
Wakf board came under heavy criticism from the Muslims for “not protecting the mosques from the non-Muslims (Qadianis) encroachers.” The wakf board chairman immediately announced that the board will take over the procession of Qutub Shahi mosque, and will take decision on other mosques of Ahmadiyya community.
The ongoing tension between the two religious communities escalated when
the wakf board chairman Syed Ghulam Afzal Biyabani made public statements that he was getting threat calls from the Ahmadiyya community members that they will kill him if he take any resolution on the religious properties belonging to there community.
Even though the Ahmadiyya community leadership strongly denied the possibility of any threatening call from their community members to the wakf board chairman, the matter was politicized when the chairman of wakf board got open support from many Muslim politicians, and religious heads who asked him to take a decisive action against the Ahmadiyya community.
The chief preacher of Ahmadiyyas in the city, Mohammed Muslehuddin Sadi, said openly to the media that "No one from our community could do such a thing. It is baseless propaganda against us.”
Mr. Mohammed Sohail Ronal, Emir of the Ahmediya community of Hyderabad clarified that the threatening calls have no connection with Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya.
The wakf board's decision evoked celebrations by Muslims at several places across the city. They were distributing sweets and many Muslim organizations gathered at the Haj house where the wakf board office is situated, to congratulate the wakf board members.
Source: TwoCircles.

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