Sunday, 11 March 2012

Switzerland Not To Ban Face Veils.

Al Salamu 'Alaykum

07 March 2012 

Switzerland has just put an end to months of debate and administrative wrangling over the matter of face veils. 

It has been decided that wearing the face veil will not be made illegal in Switzerland for the sake of foreign tourists. 

The Swiss Council of State (Ständerat) rejected a previous attempt to ban all forms of face covering back in March 2011. 

A few months later, Oskar Freisinger put forward another motion to prohibit the concealment of the face in public transport or at events. 

On Monday, the motion filed by Oskar Freisinger was overturned by the the Council of State. 

Social Democratic Party spokesman, Hans Stöckli argued that there is no need to legislate because there are only around 100 and 150 women wearing the niqab in Switzerland, and the majority of them are tourists. 

Therefore, wearing the face veil remains legal in Switzerland in the public places as well as in transport. 

Justice Minister Simonetta Sommaruga further cautioned that a blanket ban could violate the Geneva Convention on Refugees, as it would not distinguish between those with and without refugee status. 

This is seen as a failure for Oskar Freisinger and his UDC party in their ​​the fight against the "Islamization" in Switzerland. 

The UDC has called the rejection of their motion to banface veils "an affront" and vows that it is ready to launch a popular initiative for the banning of the burqa "without delay". 


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