Friday, 27 January 2012

Haji Shakil, Maulwi Muhammad, Hafiz Ismail: A Meeting.

Al Salamu ‘Alaykum

Hadrat Mawlana ‘Abdullah Kapodrawi is known to one and all. Amongst Deobandi ‘Ulama he holds a very high rank and is one of the most respected and senior scholars to come out of Gujarat, India. His son, Mawlana Muhammad who is usually resident in Malawi, Africa is presently in India for some eye treatment. Also Hafiz Ismail Munshi of Zambia who is a mujaz of Hadrat Mawlana Qamaruz-Zaman was also recently in India. Hafiz Ismail runs a large madrasah in Zambia where more than 400 local children study and he has established 35 mosques in villages in Zambia and alhamdulillah is doing great work among the local population. 

By the grace of Allah, I was blessed with the opportunity to attend a meeting between Haji Shakil Sahab(db), Hafiz Ismail(db) and Mawlana Muhammad(db) in Bombay. The three Shuyukh were very happy to see each other and after the usual compliments and salutations, Hafiz Ismail requested Haji Shakil to make dua’. Haji Sb made a very emotional, heart-rending dua’ and then the two scholars from Africa requested for some of his books and Hadrat promised to make arrangements for the same. 

One interesting point raised by Mawlana Muhammad was that a copy of Durr-e-Aabdaar by Haji Shakil had reached his respected father Mawlana Abdullah Sb. After glancing through it, Hadrat Mawlana Abdullah passed it on to his son for reading and then asked him for his opinion regarding the author. Mawlana Muhammad said, “This man is the Haji Imdadullah of this age.”

Wa’laykum Salam.

P.S: Any mistakes in narration are from me.

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