Monday, 30 January 2012

The Ways To Allah.

Al Salamu 'Alaykum.
Found this beautiful post on and thought that it should be spread even further.
Shaikh Mufti Mohammad Rafi Usmani (Allah preserve him) said,
‘A very dangerous misconception that has crept into our thinking these days is that we limit the path to Allah in the following three things,
1. Religious studies at madersa
2. Tabligh
3. Jihad
This is incorrect thinking. Limiting the Deen to these three things is very dangerous and its consequences are devastating.
A Muslim’s whole life is in the path of Allah, if he/she is following the rulings of Shariah in whatever field he/she is working or studying.
Moreover, it is fardh-e-kafayah (obligatory for some individuals to do, otherwise the whole community will be sinful of negligence) for Muslims to be involved and excel in the fields like medicine, engineering, research, education, technology, agriculture, trading, etc. This is so that they stand strong in all aspects of life and decide their own destiny. Abandoning progress in these fields has left us at the mercy of Non-Muslim domination and their manipulations of our affairs in their own best interest. .’
Qari Rafeeq’s residence, Safa distt, Jeddah, bayan after maghrib, 20th January 2012

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  1. Masha Allah your last paragraph made me cry. I’m a white convert but still have yet to be accepted. I also married a Malaysian, double whammy, Malays are minorities here. We are left out of everything. Like you my belief is the only thing that keeps me holding on.Islam religion and homosexuality