Saturday, 18 June 2011

Cute Faces, Malevolent Minds.

Al Salamu 'Alaykum.

I don’t know how many of you have kids. I have two rug rats.
The first is Tamim, two & a half years old. The second is Shamil, 9 months.
This post is about the second one.
We all dote on our kids. We love them, kiss them, play with them, feed them, change their diapers and do the needful whenever the need arises.

What do we get in return?
Clinging, cringing, biting, crying, shouting, screaming, hitting babies whose only aim in life is one: to make life hell for their parents and everyone else in a ten kilometer range.
Shamil has gone through a variety of nicknames.

When he was born he was 4 kg heavy and looked like Changez Khan reincarnated. Slanting eyes, heavy cheeks, round head, vellum hair on his face, he looked like a Moghul. So he became Chingis.

When he became a few months old, we realized that he loved to stick to people. You take him in your lap and he would cling even harder as if afraid that the blighter would run away. That gave him his next nickname: Chipko. The nickname had no effect, whatsoever on his “Chipko-ing” though.

Then he started crawling. Every morning when I would put on my shoes and every night when I would take them off he would crawl in great haste, pick my shoes and start polishing them with his little tongue. So he became “Mochi”. Par koi asar nahin. He went on polishing blissfully.

Right now, he is on a new one: Bhooka Papad. Eat anything at all….and he is at your elbow trying to get a piece of it and swallow it down.

As my wife says, our life has become a 3D movie: Diaper, Doodh aur Dawa.

Bach ke Rehna. Bacchhe khatarnaak hote hain!

Wa salam.

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