Monday, 20 June 2011

Tabligh Is No 1.

Al Salamu 'Alaykum.
What does Haji Sahab (Shakil Ahmad db) say about Taalim, Tablig and Tazkiyah?

" Sabse pehle tablig mein nikla, tablig mein nikal kar talab paida hoi, phir amal karne ke liye masaail sikhne ki zaroorat mahsoos hoi tu ulama se raabta kiya, phir jab Hazrat Maulana Abdul Haleem paas gaya tu pata chala ke apne andar dil ke marz hai jinka ilaaj karna zaroori hai.
Talab paida karne ke liye tablig hai aur amal karne ke liye masaail ki zaroorat hai tu ulama se puchna hoga, aur jab ye sab kaam karenge tu shaitan chood kar nahi jayega to dil ke ilaaj ke liye shaikh ki zaroorat hai is liye sabse pehle number par tablig hai ke talab na hogi to na ulama ke paas jayega na kisi shaikh ke paas."

Translation: First I went in Tabligh and going in Tabligh produced a desire(for Din) in me. Then I felt a need for knowledge of masa'il in order to perform (good) deeds, so I connected myself with the scholars. Then when I went to Mawlana A Haleem sb I realized that I was suffering from diseases of the heart which needed to be treated.
So Tabligh is for creating desire for Din and then for practising Islam knowledge of masa'il is important and the 'Ulama have to be consulted and (even) after doing this, Shaytan will not leave us alone so we need a Shaykh for correcting our hearts.
That is why Tabligh is number 1 because if there is no desire then one will neither go to the scholars nor to the Shuyukh.
Wa'laykum Salam.

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  1. Assalamualaikum...!
    Firstly let me say this that the so called Tabligh is not any PARTY or is the effort of deen, the same effort which suhabah R.A did...and it is a complete effort of deen, it not only increases ur desire about practically following islam but it is enough make u a perfect moomin...!
    the effort of deen (tabligh) contains in itself taaleem, tarbiyat, tazkiyah...suhabah R.A did do this effort, this effort made suhabah very close of almighty...!
    there is no work greater than effort of is not NAQIS mehnat rather it is a KAAMIL mehnat...a self- sufficient effort...At the time of suhabah faazail as well as masail were learnt in masjid...tarbiyat and tazkikah used to take place in masjid and in the path of allah as well...same is the todays so called tabligh...may almighty make all masjid as was the masjid-e-nabvi (peace be upon him) at the time of rasulullah(peace be upon him)
    To learn tabligh spent 4 months in the path of allah and go markaz (nizamuddin or raiwand or duesbury etc) every week and do mukaami kaam....learn ilm from tabligh will do ur tasbeehaat and tilawat daily...pray to allah for whole ummah!