Sunday, 3 July 2011

New Masjid in Panvel.

Al Salamu 'Alaykum.
I had the blessed oppurtunity of attending the majlis of Al Haaj Shakil Ahmad db in Panvel yesterday.
Hadrat's majalis have the unique advantage of being completely accessible to even people of little or no knowledge (although one will find many 'Ulama and Muftis in attendance), easy to understand and yet very deep and rich in meaning and touching upon a variety of Islahi topics in one bayaan. Haji Sahab or Baba as he is commonly called also has an inimitable sense of humour that prevents the listeners' interest from waning.
After the majlis, Hadrat spoke about the fact that the Muslim population in that part of Panvel had increased and was in need of a mosque. One older mosque in Panvel is too far away to attend except for Juma' or occasionally. Keeping this in mind, a plot of land had been earmarked and negotiations concluded with the owner. Already Rs 65, 00, 000/- have exchanged hands but the cost of the plot is more than Rs 2 Cr. Coupled with the cost of building the mosque later, the entire expenditure will be in the range of Rs 5 Cr. Donations for the mosque are therefore most welcome. Those who want to help can contact me at
May Allah make this great project easy for all of us.
Wa salamu 'alaykum.


    dr.sab how r u?
    i met haji shakil sb on wednesday at shaikh hanif sb's home,when we were ready to go in journey,haji sb came for this masjid's collection,haji sb met haz.shaikh fist time and crying and told i m nothing
    afterall shaikh sb give some ammount and promise for more

    I appreciate that you have a concern for the Masjid collection but you should have a first hand information of the same, we request you to kindly do not pass any incorrect information unauthentic information, if you want to know the right information please contact concern people who are handling this.

  3. @ Javeed.
    Brother, I am collecting money for the mosque and handing it over directly in Haji Shakil's hand. If you have any issues then write in detail or send me a mail at
    If you think that any of the information in the article is unauthentic or incorrect then I am willing to be corrected. By the way I don't know who you are and how you are connected to the mosque. I will deal with Haji sahab directly if you don't mind. As the proverb goes, "Why should I talk to the monkey when I can talk to the organ-grinder?" A_T