Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Walid Shoebat Exposed.

Al Salamu 'Alaykum.

By Yahya Snow.
A renewed focus on Walid Shoebat ensures his eschatological lies are put to bed as well as a revisiting of old ground our Walid meets with deadly silence

Putting Walid’s eschatological lies (and the rest) in the dumpster

Walid Shoebat’s web of deceit is unravelling. His “evangelical eschatological” charades and money making schemes are being exposed by folk who are interested in the truth.

Before presenting Mr Ayamen’s video highlighting the outright deceptions Walid Shoebat is peddling to fundamentalist Christians I will present other insight which impugns Walid Shoebat further

Walid Shoebat’s uncle exposes him…

According to Walid’s uncle Walid did NOT have a religious upbringing! Furthermore his uncle did not recall much about Walid as his mother kept her distance and he moved to America at the age of 16. Is it possible our Walid was raised a Christian by his mother? Yes!

The plot thickens

I have also received word about Walid’s surname, “Shoebat”, being a name used by Christians in Jordan and the origination of such a name is Palestine. Who is to know? This further highlights the doubt engulfing Walid Shoebat.

Was Walid Shoebat ever a Muslim, never mind a “terrorist”? Care to explain, Walid…

What about the Jerusalem Post and Walid's phantom “bomb” claim?

You just cannot get caught with anymore red on your hands!

Christians, this literally speels out D E C E P T I O N. Even a 10 year old can sniff this one out.
Our Walid claims to have bombed a bank but the bank has no record of it! Fishy stuff indeed:

Shoebat's claim to have bombed Bank Leumi in Bethlehem is rejected by members of his family who still live in the area, and Bank Leumi says it has no record of such an attack ever taking place” [http://www.jpost.com/Home/Article.aspx?id=96502]

Hmmm, who are you going to believe; the bank or a dubious, money-hungry Christian fundamentalist? The choice is simple. It’s not Walid.

Walid Shoebat - Ex-Terrorist exposed (By Ayamen)

Mr Ayamen exposes Walid Shoebat’s “ex terrorist” persona as dubious and his fabrications about Muslim beliefs

Walid Shoebat’s age does not back his “ex terrorist” charadeAs Mr Ayamen pointed out Walid’s age does no lend weight to his cooked up story:

Academic professors and others “complain they [Shoebat and his buddies] are too old to have been recruited for Islamic terror as teenagers since the ideology of Islamic jihad attacks "only became prevalent in the late 1980s, and the men are all middle age” [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walid_Shoebat]

O Christians, wake up to this fraudster!

Walid Shoebat is caught fabricating Hadith literature

Mr Ayamen does an excellent job in debunking the bread and butter lies our Walid has been peddling to Christian audiences; yes, I’m talking about his claims that Muslims are supporters of the antichrist and that the Mahdi is an “antichrist” – the usual fabrications gullible fundamentalist Christian audiences salivate over.

The reality is (as seen in the video) Shoebat is making stuff up – he is LYING. Our Walid really knows how to milk those Christians for cash and adoration!

Annual turnover of $500,000 - Walid's business!

Yep, that’s Walid’s company (Top Executive Media). Who said crime (lying) never paid? Our Walid has barrel loads of cash but is barren of class.

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Wa salam.

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