Friday, 1 July 2011

Unholy Purohit & Piss Puri.

Al Salamu 'Alaykum.
Pani Puri is a famous Indian snack. Some days back a young Thane resident, Ankita Rane, shot a video of Rajdev Chauhan, a pani puri vendor who was urinating into his serving vessel. As a result the BMC and one political party cracked down on Pani Puri vendors. At a protest meeting held by Pani Puri vendors, the BJP B'bay unit head, a certain Mr Raj Purohit made disparaging remarks against Rane and her motive behind filming the incident.
Perhaps Mr Purohit thought that in a nation that thrives on cow-piss (Gau-Moot), there was no problem whatsoever in Indians drinking a little human urine also. After all it is rumoured that the secret behind Morarji Desai's long life was his drinking a glass of sparkling, fresh, self-manufactured urine daily.
The entire sordid affair can be read about here if you have time to waste:
Wa salam.

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